Liga BBVA week 5: Celta Vigo 4-1 FC Barcelona / Athletic Bilbao 1-2 Real Madrid

FC Barcelona conceded 4 goals! This is an embarrassment and clearly a game to forget.. After being crushed by Athletic Bilbao in the Spanish supercut last month this is another abysmal performance from the squad. It leaves Real Madrid ahead in the table with Benzema‘s brace at Bilbao. 

Both Barcelona and Madrid coaches comment after the game:

Luis Enrique – FC Barcelona: “This game goes to show just how difficult La Liga is. What decided this game is how well Celta played. It was highly effective football from them. It was very good. We tried to create problems, but we suffered a lot in one-on-one situations.

When a team has played better than you, then there is nothing much that you can say. I’d rather lose to a team that plays like Celta did today, without any tricks, purely winning through their football. I congratulate them and hope they can carry on playing like that. “In terms of intensity, we did well. We had six or seven chances to score. The problem is that in the first games of this season we have been struggling to turn those chances into goals.”

Busquets added on: “After a result like that, the team feels bad. Even though we do think that we lost by a much bigger margin than we deserved …We have to turn the page, learn from our mistakes and prepare for the next match” he concluded. We have to be more careful with counter-attacks and get things right up front”.

Rafael Benitez – Real Madrid: “We showed a lot of control in possession. Later we made adjustments with Isco moving more into central midfield, and finished up with Casemiro in that area. All these things, which seem like odd little things, mean that this team is starting to get a firm handle on tactical concepts. When the team wins, I feel that almost everything that we’ve done has been positive”.

Benzema is a fantastic player. He’s a a number nine with a difference; he’s not a penalty-box striker. He offers a lot of movement, he has quality and he has a really good understanding with Cristiano Ronaldo. The movement and the quality that he brings cause problems for the opposition defence and create spaces for his team-mates”.

“It was a game in which we showed things that we hadn’t shown up to now. We hadn’t needed to show this character, and we also brought the ball out crisply. It strengthens the winning mentality that this team need to have. Real Madrid have always been a team about determination and character. We fought hard and stood up to be counted”.