Champions League FC Barcelona 3-1 Arsenal

FC Barcelona had an important lead 2-0 heading to the second leg at home and started off in the first half. Arsenal did tie and where 32 goals away from qualification but Barcelona and Messi finished off the second half winning 3-1. The Blaugrana sits on top of the world and will be ready for any coming opponent and they will be the favorite as always this year.

Coach Luis Enrique comment son the victory:

Getting into the quarter-finals nine straight times means this club is doing well,” Luis Enrique said after the game. “It’s due to the types of players that come up through the academy and the ones we sign.”

“They make us proud to be Barça fans. I don’t think any team has ever done that,” he said.

Despite some unconfortable moments early on in the second half, the Barça manager was visibly happy after his side knocked out Arsenal with a 3–1 win (5–1 on aggregate).

“Those are things that happen in big games like this,” he said. We talked about it at half-time and I’m very happy. I thank the fans on a night when the weather was tough. It was a great night.”


On the trident:

“They help us create pressure, and they get back to defend as well, which every team needs in any competition”

“Suárez, Messi and Neymar Jr feed off each other. I am pleased they’re our forwards. To be able to resolve games we have to have their initial pressure.”

On Barça’s possible quarter-finals opponents:

“The only team I don’t want to face is Barça, and since it’s a certainty that we won’t…”

On the goalkeeping situation:

“I like all of my goalkeepers. Tonight [Ter Stegen] was spectacular across the board.”

“They’re decisive, very complete, and that’s why we signed them. We can use them both in both competitions. Their performance is above optimal.”

Andres Iniesta

“We are getting closer and closer to reaching a wonderful objective for all of us.” Arsenal are always very tough because of their forwards. Regardless, I never though we were in danger of failing to go through.” 

“This team still has a very defined style, with variables added to our play that make us very tough for our opponents. We respect all the teams that will be the draw. We’ll battle the team we get to achieve the objective that we want.”

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