Atalanta 1-1 AS Roma

AS Roma made a historic start to Serie A winning the first 10 games but since then they have drawn four consecutive times in a row. They also lost the first place to Juventus.

Coach Rudi Garcia reacts:

“The team’s reaction only came after the goal? That’s true. We only started playing in last 30 minutes, but we did it well. We deserved to win. In the first hour we didn’t show enough movement. Atalanta weren’t dangerous, but neither were we.

“Miralem broke off from training yesterday for a muscle problem, which is why he didn’t start. It was the same for Destro. That’s football. Bradley and Marquinho, however, deserved to start because they had a very good week.

“The supposed penalty on Maicon’s shot? Let’s not call it ‘supposed’. The entire stadium saw it, as did the fans watching it on TV. It happens.

“It’s by chance that we’re drawing these games. What we have to do is play them all like we played the final half hour today. This is something important my players will need to understand. That way we won’t be able to blame our luck or the referees. When we’re the stronger team we don’t need anything but ourselves. I was reassured by the way the team reacted, since it means we’re in good shape physically and psychologically.

“Totti? Let’s hope he doesn’t need much more time. It’s always better when you have a world-class player on the field. However, in the last three games we showed we could play without our captain, just as we did in the final 30 minutes today. But hopefully we’ll get all of our injured players back soon.”

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