2017 FA Cup Final: Chelsea 1-2 Arsenal

Arsenal saves season with a record 13 FA Cup wins and the seventh for coach Wenger since he has taken over the manager job, also record among the Premier League


As to prepare the 2017-18 season, Arsenal will have to make important moves during the summer transfers. The club will not play the Champions League and pressure will be on high on the coach and management. Many teams will pretend to win the League and the best odds to bet on Arsenal or any other Premier League teams are found on Bet365. Play today to be one lucky winner. 

The coach reacts to the win:

“I am very proud because nobody has done it. It’s not easy. I’m especially proud of the way we won this time because we had to play against Manchester City in the semi-final here and then Chelsea here. You cannot get tougher. We had two outstanding performances so this cup was won with special spirit and special attitude.

I try to serve this club with the same commitment and quality. The only thing I can say is that this season we’ve had some difficult moments. I’ve spent every moment of my season with full commitment and have refused to give up. That’s why maybe I’m more proud than usual today because the team and myself have refused to give up. When you can finish the job in a positive way, that’s [good].

It feels special because I feel we beat the record of winning the cup and we needed two outstanding performances in the final and semi-final. Today the quality of our performance was absolutely exceptional from the first to the last minute. The team spirit was great. For me personally, it’s the seventh FA Cup. Just to get to one final [is good] but the luck to have won it seven times is absolutely exceptional.

It’s the first medal I will keep because it’s the seventh one. That has never been done so I will keep this one. I would say the spirit of the players [was the key to the win]. I’m very proud of the spirit we have shown in the last two months. We decided to be united and go for it. Until the last second of the season, we finished the job. It’s one of the proudest moments of the season for me. Why? Because we were tested. You have seasons where everything goes for you and this season we have suffered, and recovered from suffering. That’s why I’m very proud of my team.”

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