By Rob Deyzel

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Well even the most optimistic gunners fan surely doesn’t believe Arsenal have a chance of winning the league this season. Okay, maybe the most optismistic fan does, but the realistic majority will be happy for another top four finish in the premiership. In my esteemed opinion (don’t laugh!) Arsenal have a better chance of winning the Champions league then the premiership. My reasons are simple; the gunners play a brand of football more likely to be seen outside of England, then in it. Arsenal play pretty, some would say, total football unlike any other team. But in the end, five years of passing total football has left the gunners trophyless compared to the somewhat direct footballing approach that gave there London rivals Chelsea the double last season.

Arsenal have done incredibly well to hold onto Fabregas so far this summer, although many will wonder whether they can hold out until the transfer window shuts from Barca’s advances. My concern would be if an unhappy Fabregas is worth hanging onto. If Fabregas really wants to remain a gunner, lets hear him say it himself publicly.

Who are the players to look out for this season? Well, lets look to see Aaron Ramsey and Luke Wilshere really come of age this season and possibly play less of a cameo role this campaign. I have high hopes for Alex Song and of course Diaby, who was arguably France’s best perfomer at the world cup. Lets see Van Persie break the 20 goal barrier this season and if Fabreagas stays, he could possibly do the same. But be prepared for another disappointing season from Walcott and Almunia.

Arsenal can expect another average season in the premier league, but the FA cup is in the bag; maybe, just maybe, a champions league final place will be in the making.


  1. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw not just Almunia, but Fabianski in the Emirates Cup! What is Wenger thinking by not bringing in some new keepers? I want to say you’re wrong, but I’m afraid you are right.

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