By Rob Deyzel

It looks as if its a 2 horse race after United beat city, probably dumping city out of the title race.

Arsenal were quire simply outstanding today as they beat Wolves 2-0 in what should have been a rout. Yet Wenger must have been pleased as punch after watching hus team beat a side battligly relegation without much effort at all. This will be especially pleasing with Barca on Wednesday at the Emirates.

The game was one of flowing sexy football from the Gunners with Dutchman van Persie grabbing his first goal on 16 minutes and his second on 56 minutes. There were chances galore and Arsenal should have had more but Wenger was right when he said that his team were “focused” after the devastating draw away to Newcastle. Wenger claimed his side were outstanding and who am I to argue.

I want to mention how pleasantly surprised I am that Arsenal are still in the title race. For me the game against Newcastle was capitulation in motion, but what was more important to me was how Arsenal reacted to the comeback from Newcastle against Wolves, and they didn’t disappoint. In fact I was impressed by the professionalism by this young Arsenal side who I have slated this season for showing immaturity. But they bounced back with a fine performance by Wolves who would have had no fear after beating Man Utd recently. I am looking forward to the champions league game on Wednesday more than ever as I really believe Arsenal can overrun Barca. You can quote me on this! Arsenal to beat Barca 5-1!

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