By Rob Deyzel

Arsenal fans could have been forgiven in believing their inability to beat weaker opposition at the Emirates was finally over, yet the Gunners continue to live up to that expected notion of falling victim to supposed cannon fodder. Losing 3-2 to West Brom is unforgivable. A point away against Sunderland is acceptable, but a loss against the Baggies at home is plain ridiculous. To go 3-0 down to a west Brom side with a strike force of Mulumbu and Odemwingie is beyond embarassing! Come on admit it die hard fans, have you even heard of these guys! I am livid. I mean Arsenal, whenever they seem to be showing some kind of good form, lose inexplicably to weaker opposition. These players can no longer live under the guise of being inexperienced. Wenger was quoted as saying the players could have had a “lack of focus”. Well he should bare the responsibility for that supposed lack of focus.

Emirates Stadium, Arsenal v West Bromwich Albion , Premier League 25/09/2010  Samir Nasri of Arsenal scores Arsenals 2nd 2-3 Photo Marc Atkins Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

I don’t want to even go into the gist of the game. Lets focus on how Arsenal should move forward. Firstly we have to worry if this is the way the Gunners perform without Fabregas. Is this what we can expect when he moves to the Nou camp in January? I do hope not, otherwise Europa league football could be on the cards for next season. Wenger get a grip on your players. Would Ferguson allow such “lack of focus” from his players? If Arsenal really want a decent chance of winning the league, this kind of madness has to be eliminated. Sorry for this rant but it frustrate me that the Gunners can brush aside with ease weaker European teams, but not EPL teams. Arsenal need to regroup and start over. Man Utd seem off the pace this season and Chelsea also had a slip up. Take advantage of the situation, and really push Chelsea all the way. Utd always come back strong, and it seems the supposed big four has evolved into the Big 7 or 8. These teams all have the ability to help the Gunners out by beating each other. Chelsea and Utd will slip up again this season, be prepared to embrace that opportunity and win the league.

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