Champions League – Arsenal 2-2 PSG

Arsenal has finished many times at the second place of its Champions LEague group which ended up eliminating the team by a group winner at the round of 16 stage. The draw against PSG virtually position Arsenl in the same position. Both teams are tied for first place with 11 points but PSG leads group before last match with the away goal difference. Coaches react:

Arsenal coach Wenger:

“Well, I think we have put the intensity into the game and overall I believe that we were committed, for periods dominant. But the start of the game was in favour of Paris Saint-Germain because I think we let them play too comfortably. After, the last 20 minutes of the first half we pushed up and came back to 1-1. We had a very strong start again in the second half, where we were dominant until it was 2-1 and after we dropped off and didn’t maintain the pressure and we paid for that. It’s frustrating because we scored an own goal basically on a ball where we thought it was a goal kick. We were a bit passive on the corner, but it’s a 2-2. It’s of course disappointing because we were 2-1 up, but we played against a good team that has top technical quality and that’s it.

It was difficult for us to find the right positioning on the pitch from the start, because we were a bit hesitant to play high up or to block them deep. So we were a bit in between the two and that is never good.We have not lost, but we have lost a winning momentum a little bit, yes. But we played against a good team tonight as well.”

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