UEFA Champions League round of 16 – Leg 1: Bayern Munich 5-1 Arsenal

Arsenal has most likely said goodbye to the Champions League once again at the round of 16. The Gunners would need a 4-0 win to qualify to the next round, in other words mission impossible. The club played very well in the first half and both teams were leveled at the break 1-1. But, in the second half, players did not show up to play and conceded 4 goals, 3 of them in 12 minute-span. 

Coach Arsenal, Arsene Wenger comments on the rout:

“It was a strange game, because I feel in the first half we played quite well. We had some good chances just before half-time. After, we got a few blows – the first to Koscielny, and then we conceded two goals in minutes 53 and 56. On the second goal we were really [let down] because it was a corner for us, we had five players in the box and there were two balls on the pitch when they started again. The real problem we faced was after the third goal, because we lost our organisation and we looked mentally very jaded. From that moment on, the last 25 minutes were a nightmare for us because we looked like we had no response. 

I think it was difficult to swallow the two goals after minutes 53 and 56. I think we have to analyse that, but it looks like that from outside. We lost our organisation, we lost our centre back. But after the third one it was a combination of [mentality] and organisation. Before that, we controlled them quite well.”

Coach Bayern, Carlo Ancelotti is delighted with the result and the large advantage before going to London:

“It was a deserved victory. The balance was perfect, we were compact and quick. We also let them have very few chances, made use of the space and demonstrated our qualities up front. All in all I’m very pleased. But it was only the first part, the second awaits us in London. We’ll have to turn in a display like today’s.”

Winger Arjen Robben added:

 “I have to say I’m a little surprised at our good display – although on the other hand I’m not. We’re rock-solid when it’s do-or-die. The team just have great character. We shouldn’t have conceded the equalizer. Overall we dominated the match and were in control, scoring beautiful goals in the second half.”

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