Alexandre Lacazette celebrates goal

Europa League semifinal first leg

Arsenal beat Valencia 3-1 in the first leg of the Europa League and can dream of a Final with a two-goal advantage before going to Spain. Down 1-0 early in the game, the Gunners found resources to quickly turnaround the tie and lead 2-1 in the first half. 

The decisive moment in this home and away clash could be the late goal by Lacazette when time expires [90′] which gave Arsenal an extra cushion before going to Valencia. Arsenal are 90 minutes away from another continental final, the first since 2006 [Champions League Final lost 2-1 to Barcelona]. 

Coach Emery on the game:

“Our idea and my thoughts now is that it continues to be very difficult in the second leg away. It’s 50/50 and it’s a good result at home in the first leg. The second leg is going to be very difficult and maybe different. I consider that for two teams it’s 50/50.

We can be happy today. Also, we can be proud of our supporters because here in Emirates we found this support for us in the 90 minutes. I’m also proud of the players because after 1-0 it’s not easy to be calm and come back with the result against this team. It’s not normal that Valencia concede three goals, especially after starting at 1-0. They are a very, very good team on the transition. That’s the reason I am proud of our work today. But the second leg is going to be very difficult.

we are going to prepare for the match thinking that this round is 50/50 for both. We need also to play there thinking to win, thinking to score, thinking to defend well and thinking also to take our moments in attack. We can control with the ball and possession. We don’t know because they are going to feel strong with their supporters there.”