An Alternative Program for U.S. Soccer Fans Attending World Cup 2010
***Recruiting Ambassadors Now***

Former Peace Corps volunteer, Danny Canarick and avid international soccer fan, Michael Tuckman, today announce today the launch of “Soccer Corps.” The goal of Soccer Corps is to provide a unique experience for American soccer fans in the week leading up to World Cup 2010 being held in South Africa. The group’s inaugural trip will be to Lake Kariba, Zambia, from June7 – 12, 2010 and the Soccer Corps is currently seeking Ambassadors to participate in the program.

“Obviously everyone making the journey to South Africa is really excited about attending the World Cup,” said Canarick, “However, we know from past experiences that getting to know the local culture can be particularly challenging in this environment. Soccer Corps serves as an alternative to more traditional, isolated forms of tourism, where it is very difficult to forge meaningful relationships with anyone in the community.” Tuckman adds, “Our goal is to recruit Americans who want the opportunity to enrich their lives and the lives of those they meet by signing up and becoming what we call Ambassadors.”

Soccer Corps Ambassadors will travel to Lake Kariba, Zambia, where they will live in a “campus” setting, play soccer in the mornings and participate in cultural exchange events in the afternoons. A unique aspect of the program is that the cost for each U.S. ambassador will also pay for the entire program cost for one local resident. This means that all participants will live, work and play side-by-side in keeping with Soccer Corps’ mission to promote cultural exchange and awareness.

“I’m very excited because I know it’s going to motivate our female players and also male players,” said, Her Excellency Thandiwe Banda, First Lady of Zambia, “It will be a combined thing – to share our norms, values and customs of Zambia — and also to have a great friendship with Soccer Corps.”

The week will culminate in a celebratory gathering all of the participants to watch the opening ceremonies and the games of World Cup 2010 as a group, before Ambassadors attending the World Cup games head to South Africa for the tournament itself.

Those interested in becoming Soccer Corps Ambassadors can find full details about program at

Press Contact: Marilyn Fletcher, Curve Publicity
Phone: (917) 553-7812

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