Copa del Rey Round of 16 – leg 1:

Atletico Madrid 2-0 Real Madrid

It is the second consecutive loss for Real Madrid after winning 22 in a row. Coach Ancelotti analyses the game and his team’s chances to overcome:

“Atlético have the advantage, but we play at home and anything could happen. We will try everything to win. We are not out of the tie yet and we still have a chance to go through.”

“We didn’t do well after the penalty. We needed to be more efficient during the first half. We played very wide and lacked penetration in general, not just from the right side of the pitch. Playing Atlético is difficult because they defend well, play as a unit and are very compact.”

“This is just the first half of the knock-out, we still have to play the return leg and anything could happen.”

“It was not because of a problem with Bale, but was rather a problem with the team. Benzema nor the team as whole had many chances. It was difficult to create opportunities. Atlético are a team that are very well organised defensively and work very well as a unit. Khedira had a good game, didn’t make mistakes and positioned himself well. I liked how he played.”

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