FC Sevilla 2-1 Real Madrid

Coach Ancelotti speaks:

“I don’t think we deserved to lose, we took the lead and could have scored more goals”. We didn’t prepare well for Sevilla’s counter-attacks and that is how they scored both goals. We took the lead and could have scored more goals. Then they scored two goals in the same way when we needed more balance”.

“It’s not a problem. The team has lost against smaller teams. La Liga is complicated and it has strong teams and every match is difficult. We have to think about ourselves. We lost two matches but we have to believe we can win it. We are behind but we have to believe it is possible”.

“I don’t think the defeat affected us. Before everything was going well and now we have arrived here. Now we need to react with everyone’s character and personality. The league is more complicated and all the matches will be important”.

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