Africa‘s most internationally prestigious continental tournament, the 2017 edition of African Cup Of Nations is enjoying a highly expected and yet another exciting storyline with group stage round is ended and quarter-final looks so promising equally for all the contenders. perhaps the most dramatic highlight of this competition indicated to elimination of reigning champions, Ivory Coast and arguably has ultimately stamped the end path to one of the continent’s most iconic storyline of footballer’s golden generation that gloriously is considered as a prime symbol of inspirational gifted products in entire history of Africa. The likes of Didier Drogba, Toure brothers, Salomon kalou, gervinho and Zokora, whom were identified globally as a major inspiration to lead a rank of fully talented group, whom eventually have joined top European leagues and became stars of their teams for more than a decade. While being excelled to the purest technical potential, majority of those young talents widely have adapted to highest level of tactical vision, a vital factor that rarely would be indicating to the nature of African football nations, therefore; Ivorian’s impressively proved the evidence as an advantage above their rivals. Yet the national team famously have experienced a disappointing journey in major international stages, struggling repeatedly to win the continent’s primary glory each time since 2006, while their world cup journeys being ultimately failed to inspire high expected achievements during three successive world cup participations from 2006 to 2014, when being considered as the most aspirational African nation to stand a shot at the glory equally each time, but humiliating group stage exits in every occasion, simply have vanished all of those dreams. Lastingly their desperate Waite to lift a major trophy has seen a fortune when they beaten Ghana to penalty kick, becoming 2015 AFN champions in a penultimate life time scenario that will be remained as a graceful heritage for the nation. The weaken Ivory Coast side was eliminated from the first round of 2017 edition after losing to Morocco in the last match on Tuesday night and finally a fairytale story of the most incredible football generation ever existed in the history of Africa has now reaching its end, and this fact interestingly rising a question; will the nation ever be able to produce another steam of glorious generation that could manage to replicate the legacy of their predecessors at the highest level or it will be simply remained in the memory of its heroes.

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