Massimiliano Allegri: “We played a good game. We have to be more attentive on balls played in”.

“I think the team did well from the point of view of game play. In the first twenty minutes we created a number of chances then we made some mistakes playing the ball out and we definitely need to be more attentive on dead balls. Geometrically the team did better but we could have done better than we did in the second half of the first 45. Today the team defended quite high and we were even aggressive at the end of the game when we were down to nine players. After the effort of the initial twenty minutes when we played well, we should have managed the ball better. Instead we conceded a few too many crosses and we have to improve on that and be more attentive. I liked the way the players played today. They showed courage and aggression. It was better than what we’ve shown in other games. It’s not good to concede goals as we did but it’s a base that we can start from. At the moment I think it’s just Juventus who are doing really impressive things as it was logical to expect.

The other teams are not going at 90 miles an hour and there’s time to get back the positions that we’ve lost now.We played badly against Atalanta and today in terms of fluidity we did better. I was and I am calm. I’m in touch with Adriano Galliani every day and I’m in touch quite often with president Berlusconi during the week and so there are no problems there. Now we need to break the San Siro taboo on Wednesday. The fans, who have been exceptional so far, need to stay close to the team on Wednesday as well. Physically, we’ve shown that we’re in good shape and of course we need to be more attentive on dead balls”.