AC Milan 0-1 Inter Milan:

AC Milan is stuck in the second half of the standings with only 7 points after 7 games played and already 4 losses!


“The ref made some mistakes and I’m not saying that because we lost. A good ref like him should know how to take these decisions with the game running. I’m sorry for the players as we did well but we definitely have to do better with dead balls. The team conceded nothing apart from the goal. I have nothing to shout to my players about even though we should be scoring more than we are. For Samuel’s goal there were two things that allowed his to score. Emauelson did not foul in the lead up, we could have had a penalty and Juan Jesus could even have been sent off in the first half. The ref had a bad night and that can happen to anyone. We were down to 9 men when we went to Udine and we paid a high price for some situations. Let’s hope thing turn for the better after the break. I think it was a penalty on Robinho. It was a foul and he was the last man. Boateng can do better in front of goal bit I liked his performance this evening. The team played well and we can’t always change the way we play otherwise it creates confusion. Lazio is an important team and we’ll go up against them with the same mentality we’ve shown in the last few games”.


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