Champions League Day 4 – Maribor 1-1 Chelsea

Coach Mourinho appreciates his players’ reaction:

‘In the first half we weren’t good. ‘We played very slow with no intensity or creativity. It was easy for Maribor to control the game and reach what they wanted, which was a 0-0.

‘In the second half we played very well but then they scored, which made the game more difficult for us. After that I think we were magnificent; creative, fast, dynamic, lots of chances to score. I think we deserved to win but it’s fair to praise Maribor’s efforts. They gave everything to try to get the points.

‘We scored two goals, two very good goals, but the second the referee disallowed. It was a clear goal, so normally we should have won. We have to accept it and praise a fantastic stadium with lots of enthusiasm for a fantastic night.’

‘I tried to improve my team and I think I was successful because in the second half the team was much better. We didn’t reach the number of goals we should have but we played well.

‘When you play 90 minutes fantastically well it’s the perfect match and its not easy to do, but Im not happy to play 45 minutes at a low intensity.

‘Players are players but sometimes surprises can happen when players aren’t fully focused. Only when Maribor scored they realised the game was in danger but after they scored it was a fantastic reaction.

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