By Mark Vincent Lincir

There is nothing more satisfying that watching a hard-working, no-nonsense defender score a goal…let alone a brilliant header to propel his team into their first World Cup Final ever!

Carles Puyol’s 73rd minute header off of an Iniesta corner kick was a thing of beauty that came with no controversy. No pushing or holding, no offside and no handball. A great goal, fair and square and the better team on the day…much better team on the day in fact, advanced to the greatest sporting Final in the world of sports 1-0 over Germany.

With Spain advancing to face the Netherlands on Sunday it guarantees that a new winner will emerge and the list of seven World Cup winners will grow to eight by the end of the night. The Netherlands have reached the Final twice, both in the 70’s. Spain, believe it or not, has never reached a Final and will look to finish a remarkable run that saw them beat Germany in the Euro Cup Final in 2008.

Spain is loaded with talent and plays beautiful soccer. The Netherlands has legit players all over the park and are the inventors of total football. Needless to say, that we will all be expecting an incredibly satisfying spectacle on Sunday.

BY THE WAY…I tweeted commentary for the entire match today, and might on Sunday…but having a house full of guest might keep me from doing that. Anyway, check us out on twitter and facebook and register at the site to get your own voice heard.

Mark Vincent Lincir is the Editor-In-Chief of and spent two weeks in Germany during the last World Cup covering the world’s game for 90:00. He is bummed and angry that he is not at this World Cup.

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