Champions League semifinals 2019

We have been witnessing the best Champions League edition in years. Liverpool and Tottenham have completed two of the greatest comebacks in the history of the game. Liverpool down 3-0 to FC Barcelona won the return the leg 4-0 to reach the Final.

Just 24 hours after Tottenham, down 2-0 at the break to Ajax Amsterdam, [3-0 in aggregate] played their best 45 minutes ever in club’s history by winning 3-2. Lucas Moura scored a hat-trick and will stay forever as a Spurs’ legend. This was the biggest game ever in 136 years of club’s history. Liverpool and Tottenham are worthy finalists and the title game in Madrid on June 1st will crown arguably the best Champions League season ever!

Tottenham coach, Pochettino, comments on a historical night:

“It’s amazing trying to describe with words. It’s an amazing feeling. I am so grateful to this group of players. For me, they are not heroes, they are superheroes. They never gave up and the faith, the belief was amazing. I want to congratulate them all. The players owned the football. I am so proud to be their manager.

Together we are making history. That is most important. It’s the most important thing when you share the feelings, the emotions, when everyone believes they are an important part of this success. All the people matter, the fans, everyone involved deserves big credit and maybe we can achieve the dream of winning. It’s about belief and having faith.

We didn’t talk too much at half-time. It was more about changing things, to find a different alternative to play and to believe. Those were the words I used the most – never give up. We believed we could score. I thought it was a little unfair going in at 2-0 down. The second half was amazing and we fully deserve to be in the final.

It was unbelievable, the way we played the second half. It’s an amazing feeling. I’m so happy for our fans, for our families, for all the people that always believe in us. It’s a massive, massive reward for everyone. We are having an amazing season. We have the new stadium, we are almost in the top four for the fourth consecutive time, an amazing achievement in the last five years. I’m so happy!”