by Mark Vincent Lincir

Man Utd had it…but then lost it. The first half of the game the other night was unreal if you were a Man Utd fan. It was incredible…I heard somebody say that it might turn into a 7-1 drubbing.

How wrong they were. I was actually more impressed with how Bayern did not panic as they were being absolutely rolled up in the first half. Man Utd completely dominated and it was the goal that Bayern scored right before the half that put them back in it and gave them the belief.

Rafael’s second yellow was warranted.

Yes, Ribery helped sell it…but what player hasn’t done that? Rafael had no business tugging at him 40 yards out and carring a yellow in a game with that much on the line. Is he young, yes…but not that young! Big mistake and he will learn from it but Utd would have won if he stayed on.

We had Hospitality after the game at the Red Cafe (I told you it’s Hospitality ONLY from here on out) and it was great food but a very somber atmosphere…both United games we attended at Old Trafford ended up in losses for the home side, which is depressing…but it happens.

My rookie teammate, travelmate was more than excited when it was confirmed before the game that Rooney was going to start. I knew it all along and predicted it in my blog the day before the game as well as the day of the game. So many staunch Man Utd supporters were convinced he wouldn’t even play…have some faith!!!

TODAY we took the hour and a half train to Bath and walked about 300 miles!!! It’s a lovely town with world famous hot springs that we did dip into (sorry no pics of me topless). We also went on a boat cruise, ate lunch and dinner and had coffee…walked and walked and walked and walked. Just got back to hotel after leaving this morning at 8 am!

But it’s all worth it…the weather was absolutely stunning today too! Sunny all day and tshirt weather. It was good to see sooo many people out and about.

GAME TIME – we head to Wembley for the FA Cup semifinal Chelsea v Aston Villa…I’m going to predict a 2-1 shocking Aston Villa victory.

NOTES: A grocery cart is called a trolley…a bathroom a toilet…crisps are potato chips…and chips are french fries…and an elevator a lift (we have the smallest lift known to mankind in our hotel…two six foot tall people and a bag fill it up…no place for anyone prone to claustrophobia!!!).

MY DILEMNA – I don’t have a side (team) and everyone here is pressuring me to pick one…but as Kyle theorized the other day…it is the only way I draw attention to myself…so once I pick a side, nobody will talk to me anymore. Needless to say, that I probably won’t be able to pick a side while I am here (not to say that I am needy).

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  1. Lincir, you should stop your soccer predictions… always wrong!!
    Aston Villa 0-3 Chelsea… I predict Chelsea will win the cup and the championship…

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