By Mark Vincent Lincir

Clint Dempsey busted out the pink boots for Fulham’s game last night against Wolfsburg…they looked good. And he played well. He had three good opportunities and always tried to take players on.

The crowd loves him and he even has his own chant where the Fulham faithful compare him to Drogba…but call Drogba something along the lines of shite…I am working on getting the exact chant as we speak.

Craven Cottage is a great place to watch a game…small, intimate…the seats are so close to the pitch that sitting in the Putney end…the field looks 75 yards long! No wonder the keepers can send it to the other end!

Went on a Stamford Bridge tour yesteday too and it’s the same thing…everything is so close to the field that the fields look small. I imagine it would be crazy to play like that, because everything seems like it kinda closes in all around you. Talk about pressure!

We went to Chelsea for a recommended stadium tour (thanks Pele)…and it did not dissappoint…loved the grass heaters that were working hard on the field when we got there (gotta provide light somehow).

On way to Fulham from Stamford Bridge got caught in a rainstorm and cabbed it to the Cottage after getting soaked. Craven Cottage literally sits on the river on one side…just as we got there, the skies parted and we were greeted by an wonderful (did I just say wonderful) evening of sunshine and crisp soccer weather.

The first half of the game was putting everyone to sleep until Zamora struck…then Duff. The crowd went silent though when Wolfsburg headed in the away goal to make it 2-1 (it is time to stop the away goal tie breaker).

Enjoyed watching the two additional referee experiment that they are trying in the Europa League…an AR at each end patrols the goal line…they look like they carry a little stick, not a flag…and they don’t do anything…at least not that I saw.

Liked the Fulham supporters chants of SIT DOWN…SHUT UP…SIT DOWN…SHUT UP…aimed at the away supporters and also, can’t get the chant of Bobbbyyy—Zaaammmoorrrraaa!!! Out of my head.

Tomorrow early a.m. like 5 am! We are headed up to Manchester to watch the game of the year…Man Utd vs Chelsea!!!

Stay Tuned…

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  1. Dancing in the streets of Mesa over the results of the “game of the year”. The “Mayor” has gone crazy.

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