By Mark Vincent Lincir

My teammate is a huge Wayne Rooney fan…so needless to say that she was gutted when it was revealved that he would miss a few weeks of action. So instead of seeing him play twice live in the next two weeks…she will likely see him zero times.

She took the news so badly that she took off running…as you can see here in the photo…I haven’t seen her since, but I think she might be at a nearby pub (somewhat educated guess).

But forget Wayne’s ankle for the moment. I am suffering from a strained left calf…and an aggrivated hip flexor and an ankle that cracks all the time when I walk (it’s been like that for years…but had to thrown it in for effect). And I continue to log way more miles than I prefer to on it…that’s why they invented the tube…trains, cabs and busses.

My teammate is having none of it…we walk everywhere. I can and will get on with it though as we have Fulham at Craven Cottage tomorrow night and I will not let Clint Dempsey down. By the way Clint..I want to see a goal like last week’s magical chippa against Juve…I also want a bicycle kick goal and a few megs…plus maybe a flip-throw…don’t let me down Deuce!!!

The intention was to head to Chelsea today to try and join Joe Cole or Frank for some tea…however after breakfast we were both feeling a bit tired and took a nap…woke up at 1pm and then charged out into the cold, windy weather.

Saw some of the largest swans I ever have in my life and I actually amused an older English lady by having a pizza for lunchI noticed that she was staring at me with a bit of a smile on her face and I said hi and she called her friend over and showed her what I was eating and said…”see, that’s a pizza.” Hey…I was having tea too! Gimme a break mate!

Credit to my teammate who stayed authentic at lunch and had Shepard’s Pie and a pint…she really liked the Shepard’s Pie (it always tastes better when you’re not paying for it). FYI – She has not adopted an English accent as I have.

We wandered around Hyde Park which is massive…and are now crossing the street against the light so many times that I lost count (do not try this at home). I am feeling a bit of a second wind now and think we may be headed to a pub soon. The soccer all starts tomorrow and his filled with some epic fixtures, so stay tuned. Cheers…

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