by Mark Vincent Lincir

Ten hour flight…two hours of sleep. No bueno. Watched the movie Damn United on the flight…great flick, go rent it! Shook off the lack of sleep and we walked all over central London only to shut it down at 8pm (my best days are obviously behind me!). The nice thing about that was that I was back up and awake…at 3 am!!!

Forced myself back to sleep til 7…enjoyed a somewhat English breakfast, including beans…promise to do the full blown traditional breakfast tomorrow.

Saw Big Ben…Parliment…the river (seemed like low tide…do they have that?)…wanted to go on the London Eye but my teammate was scared (she’s a rookie euro traveller, I will cut her a bit of slack). Checked out Buckingham Palace…waltzed thru St. James’ Park and ate a Flapjack at a snack stand (it’s like a granola bar with oats and sugar…it’s not a pankake!).

Saw a sign that read DONT FEED THE PELICANS…didn’t see pelicans anywhere…saw geese and ducks and pigeons…but maybe they call ducks pelicans here…somebody please advise.
I’ve been speaking in an English accent to my teammate, which is annoying her, but that only makes me do it more…

We already have hit a half dozen pubs…did the fish ‘n’ chips last night. Had a prawn sandwich (actually pretty good) for lunch and walked more in the last 30 hours than I have in three years.

TODAY’S SCHEDULE…in a nutshell…wish you were here (if you do show up…bring your credit card!).
7 am:
8 – noon:
walk London
noon – 1pm:
pub lunch.
130 – 430:
three hour power nap – I am not ashamed of this at worked well…I feel great!
5 – 8:
London walking Piccadilly…Bag O Nails pub dinner and pints…

I’m saving the all nighter stuff for when the soccer tour begins…we head to Craven Cottage
on Thurs night for Fulham vs Wolfsburg (Clint if you are reading this I am not opposed to complimentary VIP treatment)…then off to Manchester on Saturday for you guessed it…MAN UTD v CHELSEA.

NOTICED that barely anybody obeys the DON’T WALK signs when crossing the street…I still can’t figure out which way to look, so we just stand there for ten minutes while a hundred people cross, until we see the friendly little green guy walking…then we hustle it across.
NOTICED that if you’re not paying attention…you’re gonna take an umbrella point in the face…today was rainy then sunny then rainy and cold…perfect footballing weather…can’t wait for the games to begin.

TOMORROW: Off to Chelsea to stroll about.

90:00 Editor-In-Chief Mark Vincent Lincir is in England for two weeks…he will be blogging from there daily and will be attending a half dozen games.
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  1. Hi Mark,

    I’m glad you and said teammate are doing well! I just read that pelicans were introduced into the park during King Charles II’s reign as a gift from the Russian ambassador. There might be a few around, and if you’re lucky you might catch a pelican throwing back a pigeon for its afternoon snack…check out this link

    looking forward to reading more highlights!!!


  2. Make sure to eat at Roscoe’s.

    Clint is a pretty good guy if you catch him, let him know your american.

    Stamford Bridge is actually in Fulham, take the stadium tour.

    Let me know if you need any night club advise!!!!

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