90:00 Editor-In-Chief Mark Lincir has been there and done it…but he’s never opposed to doing it again!

He will head to England for two weeks (a fortnight for rookies) to watch a handful of EPL games. “Anytime you get to travel and watch great soccer, it’s something to look forward to,” he says.

Lincir, who spent a few weeks in Germany for the 2006 World Cup and wrote about it daily in his now infamous Month of Mayhem Blog…intends to bring the same soccer lifer approach to his trip to England.

“I’m taking a rookie with me, so it’ll be interesting. My World Cup accomplice is having a kid and just bought a house…he doesn’t even know which way is up right now, so it would’ve been a total waste to bring him.  But this should be fun.”

A Fortnight of Mayhem officially debuts Sunday March 28th…

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