By Alex Labidou,

According to Ghanaian football legend Abedi Pele, the United States is a very dangerous team heading into the World Cup.

Pele was one of the organizers of last summer’s Confederations Cup and believes that the US became a revelation during the tournament.

“I think America really came into the Confederations Cup in the first games as a disappointing team but in the end of the day, they were the team that surprised everyone,” said the 45-year old.

Plenty of superlatives have been written about the American’s performance in South Africa last summer but Pele adds that they have a resilience that some of the top nations don’t possess.

“They have a willpower that some of the European teams don’t have,” said Pele. “They never give up and I think that is one of their qualities. “

Pele is really impressed with the job Bob Bradley has done with the Red, White and Blue and argues that the team has made significant progress under the former Chivas USA boss.

“Everyone talks about the USA that people should watch out,” said Pele. “We saw the kind of football, they played. Not only beautiful football but their counter attack was one of their strengths. I think they are going to master it better and come to the World Cup and defend their flag very well. We’ve seen the progress they’ve made in the American team.”

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