With the World Cup in South Africa finally over, some of the boots had a chance to shine. With the likes of David Villa, Thomas Mueller, and Diego Forlan all sporting the Adidas Adizero and scoring spectacular goals. According to statistics the Adizero’s contributed 30 goals for the players wearing them.

The synthetic Adizero boot is one of the lightest cleat on the market currently, weighing 5.8 oz. The secret to the lightness is the use of Sprintskin, a synthetic single layer that dramatically reduces the weight of the boot. Along with the Sprintskin, Adidas uses Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) support bands to offer support and stability. The stud pattern, which is unique for the boot, improves the users’ balance at top speeds.

The first thing you notice about the boot is the weight. The first time I held the boots, I was amazed at how light they were. I have previously played in boots that were considered lightweight, but these are the real deal. The boot is accompanied by a comfort insert with lightweight insert already in the boot. If you are thinking about the boot for its lightweight aspect, I would recommend sticking with the lightweight insert, although the comfort inserts do provide that added comfort for those looking for it. If you’re looking for a highly innovative boot for a decent price, I would recommend the Adizero. At $200, the Adizero is priced very reasonably. They are good for all positions, whether you’re a defender looking to get stuck in or a forward looking to finish chances in the 6 yard box.

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