Sports remain popular among basically any and all cultures around the world, and none is more beloved than soccer. However, there is a season for all things, and it can be difficult for soccer players to keep in shape and practice during the off season. FIFA players have it especially difficult, because they compete against the best of the best on the world stage. Finding ways to keep their skills honed without team practice can be tricky, and the suspension of activity due to the coronavirus pandemic has only made this more difficult. Here are some helpful ways for FIFA athletes to keep their edge during the off season.

Other Sports

Generally speaking, any athletic endeavor improves your overall ability to compete in sports. Even when there is a major difference in the necessary skills for individual sports, each of them can serve to train cardio and endurance. Beyond that, there is often a lot of overlap between the skills for various sports. For example, just about any sport entails doing a lot of running. Trying out some other sports during the off season is a great way to keep your body trained for soccer, and it can also help to hone your mind. By learning and implementing strategy in different games, you can improve your ability to strategize in soccer. This is because, while the strategies that will work in one sport won’t work in another, those changing limitations can make your mind more flexible, allowing you to think more critically about soccer strategy. Consider grabbing some baseball gloves and giving America’s Pastime a try while you’re waiting to get back to the world’s favorite sport.


At the end of the day, fitness is one of the most essential characteristics of any athlete. When it comes to FIFA athletes, the need for basic physical fitness becomes a need for peak performance, and that means that athletic training is an essential factor in the lifestyle of all athletes, even during the off season. Without team practices and sporting events, it’s all too easy for athletes to become less fit and even put on weight, all of which can create difficulties when it comes time to get back to regular practice and professional games. One of the best ways to keep up with physical fitness is swimming. This is because swimming engages the whole body. All of the major muscle groups can be trained via proper swimming techniques. However, swimming has additional benefits. As a relaxing activity with nearly universal appeal, it also serves to help off season athletes clear their minds for better mental health.


Another great way to work out your body during the off season is yoga. Not unlike swimming, yoga brings peace of mind and relaxation to the table alongside physical activity, making it a good technique for maintaining the body and the mind simultaneously. While yoga has a reputation of being inferior to traditional exercise, this isn’t the case. While some exercise needs can’t be met with yoga alone, the exceptions to the rule tend to be the needs of bodybuilders, and the needs of bodybuilders are actively detrimental to most athletes. Certain specific exercises are often required to specialize the body of an athlete, as well. However, for a standard, full body workout, consider the power of yoga for strengthening the body while also incorporating restorative stretches, incorporating mindfulness, and encouraging peace of mind and body awareness.

With the prior interruptions to the FIFA lineup, athletes have been left in the dark regarding the best ways to stay fit and ready for competition. This represents a major problem, but that problem has a variety of solutions. There are plenty of ways for off season athletes from any sport to keep their bodies and skills honed during the interim, provided that you know where to look. These tips can help you keep yourself in tip top shape.