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Great coaches are good at listening, strategizing, communicating and motivating. However, even the best coaches can be better with the right tools. These 10 tools can help make you a better coach.

1. Technology That Helps You Communicate

Communication tools, such as Facebook Messenger Voicemail, can make it easier to check-in with players between coaching sessions. You can also use tools such as Zoom or Facetime to make video calls that allow you to see your players and demonstrate anything they might be struggling with. A rugged laptop gives you the ability to use technology on and off the field, without worrying about your expensive laptop getting broken. Record videos during practice and play them back on the spot for instant feedback.

2. Tactic Board

Some sports activities, such as particular plays, are easier to show than to tell. A tactic board allows you to draw out the play or technique you want your players to perform. If you prefer a more high-tech option, consider using a tablet with a drawing app.

3. Stopwatch

If you’re coaching a sport where you need to keep track of how fast an athlete is performing an activity, a stopwatch is an invaluable tool. You can purchase a traditional mechanical model or use an app on a smartphone or smartwatch.

4. Practice Jerseys

If you commonly have your players square off against their teammates during practices, it can be useful to have different colored practice jerseys. This makes it easier for you and your players to tell which player is on which team.

5. Coach’s Eye

Coach’s Eye is a smartphone app that helps coaches provide players with immediate video feedback. It allows you to record with any device and then uses slow-motion playback and telestration to provide feedback to players. You can also share the video with players so that they can review their performance at home.

6. Polar Flow

Polar Flow is a free online coaching platform.  It provides coaches with remote access to player’s training data from their compatible Polar devices. It helps coaches create personalized training programs, plan training sessions and analyze performance. You can create individual training sessions or plan out a whole season’s worth of workouts.

7. Cones

If you need to put out visual cues for your players to follow during workouts or practices cones can be very helpful. They are particularly useful for agility drills.

8. Agility Ladder

Another useful tool for agility exercises is an agility ladder. These tools come in different sizes and shapes for working on different skills. Ladder drills can be used to increase aerobic capacity, burn calories, increase speed, improve agility and build strength.

9. Bracketmaker

If you need to set up brackets for your league or inter-team competitions, Bracketmaker makes it easy. In addition to setting up the tournament, it allows you to input match scores and provide live updates. Choose from single or double elimination brackets.

10. Sportlyzer

Sportlyzer bills itself as “the only team calendar you will ever need.” The app allows you to update a central calendar, which ensures that everyone has access to the latest version of the calendar. Use it to make sure players and parents know when games and practices are scheduled and when any changes to the schedule occur. It also allows you to schedule recurring events or workouts. You can choose to have the app send weekly email updates to players who can then add them to their Google Calendar if they want. It will also allow you to display your game schedule on your website. Additionally, you can use the app to assign and track homework and mark attendance.

No matter what your coaching goals are, these 10 tools can help you reach them. Whether you are looking for some low tech solutions to make your practices more efficient or you’re ready to use technology to take your team to the next level, there is a tool out there for you.