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New Adizero F50 – 90Soccer try out

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By Dan

You probably have seen Messi’s record breaker of legendary Pele last weekend; before hand he just recently tried out adizero F50 TRX.  90SOCCER has the chance to tried out the new shoes from adidas on local field. The first impression is before you put it on; it is when you feel it, so light you will say…

Its component make it excellent for comfort and great  in-boot feel. Earlier this year we met with adidas folks and had the chance to see the new boot and its innovation before being marketed. The yellow/black color really stood out and the weight… The adizero is one of the lightest, fastest boots to hit the field. Providing support and stability, you feel the quickness in your feet. The fit is here it is like you have worn them before..  I have seen different boots but the new adizero would be easily one of the most popular boots on the market.

Already in last version of adidas Predator miCoach is here and with some improvements over the last model to better measure your speed and activity on the field. And with these improvements, it makes for a more comfortable fit.

The adizero miCoach’s main selling point has always been that they were very light weight. Indeed the boots are very very light.. which is the main reason why the adizeros have become so popular. Adidas is calling the stud pattern on the new adizero a new and improved stud pattern, they are three changes from the previous adizero stud patterns. The first difference comes in a slight change in the shape of the front two studs. The second change is the stud in the middle of the foot. The last change is the surface of the studs with a triangular pattern on each stud. If you have ever worn an adizero in the past, this stud pattern should be familiar to you. They provide decent grip, without locking your foot in too aggressively and works well on nearly any surface. For this try out, we used it on regular grass.

If you go adizero, the option I recommed is the leather version which has easily become the most popular version over the synthetic one. Even though we put on the synthetic version for this try out, which to my beliefs is the most suitable for turf. I have had both versions in foot but leather is the one I feel the most comfortable with and for a better touch also! Leather or synthetic, it is your choice at the end and price is the same. I think it depends more on what you have been used too. I have always played with leather as my feeling and touch with the ball are best with the boot. However, this synthetic version really has me reconsidering my option from now on..

I was really feeling great with the new adizero and it fit like a glove in your hand but in your foot. Shooting with these boots is pretty much the same as all of the adizeros. You have a thinner feel when striking the ball, which is great and gives you more accuracy. The control of the ball is also a main argument for adizero and you get the sensation of rapidity and quickness in your moves. Out of all the adizeros, this one feels the safest with a solid feel about them. If you are a fan of the adizero range, and have worn the leather or synthetic versions in the past, these boots are a good option and you will get an enjoyable feeling with the boot while playing.

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