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Do you want to be a 90SOCCER Blogger? Below is all the information you need to know:

  • Ability to publish unlimited number of articles and posts
  • Global reach (main regions: USA, UK, Australia, and India combine the most visitors)
  • Unique content quotes from coaches and players
  • Football business information with latest updates
  • Social media connection to extend reach
  • Videos, highlights, releases and much more…!

You can create your account HERE and send us an email to with your username. You will have access soon after to 90Soccer Your Blog.

The Blogger Football Network!



Please post ONLY articles, videos, comments which are related to the world of soccer and its business. 90 SOCCER will only accept and maintain Content related to the world of soccer. The use of other content may terminate 90 SOCCER user’s account. Posting on 90 SOCCER is very simple. Go through the following guidelines when posting:

1. Add New Post
• Don’t enter a too long title (max 20 words)
• Post either in Visual or in HTML mode and use or for paragraph breaks

• Add links, insert images, audios, or videos only related to soccer and with no infringements
• Add New Custom Field (see 2. Add Media)
All in SEO Pack:  Very important as it enables Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc to find your article. Paste the title of your post in the “title” box and add keywords related to the post and its content in “keywords”
• You may add a picture to your post using the different photo providers. Copy and paste the picture or embedded code to your post
• Add the appropriate category for your post (critical for post ranking) and just pick ONE category for your post inside the 3 titles: US Soccer, International, Press Releases.
• You may add tags to your post

2. Add Media

Welcome to the 90 SOCCER media library. You will find hundreds of pictures about soccer including MLS teams most of European clubs (EPL, Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, etc.), and  International countries and players.

Add picture to the Media Library:
• Go to edit image and size the thumbnail of your story 70 by 70 for US Soccer and International posts
• Go to edit image and size the thumbnail of your story 110 by 110 for Press Releases, Products Reviews and Interviews posts
• You can scale the image in the edit image tab
• Upload new pictures using ONLY free copyrights sources such as Wikipedia and Flickr)
• Maximum size for a picture is 480 by 480 in featured content. Insert medium size image inside post (under add new post)
• Do not exceed size of pictures

Add a thumbnail to your post (home page article logo).
• Click on “upload an image” that opens the media library and type in “Search Media” the name of a team, league, or soccer institution
• You can also upload a picture form your computer or from an URL. Make sure that copyrights are free of use
• View the image and save it to your desktop
• Upload the new picture and verify the size of the image (70 by 70 for US Soccer and International; 110 by 110 for New Releases). Scale if needed
• Click on edit and copy the File URL’s link
• Paste to Value in “add new custom field” and select “thumb” to add the thumbnail to your post.
• Click on Add Custom Field
• Repeat the same for process to add a Featured Image and select “articleimg”. The featured image option pastes the image selected in the rotation picture system on the home page (size max. 480 by 480)
• Limit size of the featured image
• The featured image will appear on the home page, make sure to use an appropriate image to feature your post.

If you have any problems with posting on 90 SOCCER’s open forum network, feel free to contact We will help with your account and assist in getting your message to soccer fans.

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Enjoy 90Soccer and get connected.

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