Sevilla CF 2-3 Real Madrid. 

Benzema’s kick gives an incredible comeback win for Real Madrid as they aim for another league title, in the game they had started very badly. 

What a second half from Real Madrid! Down 2-0 at the break and away from home, the players from the Spanish capital turned this game over in a matter of 45 minutes. Sevilla was by far the best team in the first 45 minutes taking advantage of several defensive errors from the visitors with a comfortable lead heading into the second half.

45 minutes for a title

 right after the break, the LaLiga titleholders came onto the pitch with other intentions. They played more aggressive football, won battles, and deservedly came back into this game. With 10 minutes left in the game, both teams were leveled but Real Madrid kept on pushing and pushing. And who else but the best player of the year so far, Karim Benzema, to give his team another incredible victory!! The resources this team has are unmatched this season as their battle for both the League title and Champions League glory continues…

Coach Ancelotti on the win:

“The first-half performance was the coach’s fault and the second half was down to the players’ quality. We didn’t lose our heads. We put a few things right that weren’t going well in the first half.

We weren’t solid enough when it came to recovery in the first half. They probed two or three times in transition and our possession wasn’t right. We fixed two or three things.
In the first half, we looked like a tired team and then the intensity in the second half was amazing. Sometimes in football, you can’t put your finger on these things.

 It’s difficult to comprehend our first-half performance and subsequently the second half as we played with a high level of intensity, concentration, and a great attitude. Nothing surprises me about this team. I’m very proud of this second-half performance. I must thank all the players for that”.