5 interesting facts about soccer you did not know

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It gives joy to millions of fans, football club revenues compete with the budgets of some countries, and the fame of the best players overshadows the glory of politicians and television stars.

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Brief history

The modern version of soccer dates back to the 19th century when a game became popular among students of English colleges in which it was necessary to score a ball into the opponent’s goal with legs or other parts of the body. Each college had its own rules, which made it very difficult to hold friendly matches. Here are the most important dates:

  • The first attempt to create the same rules was made in 1846.
  • A little bit later, in 1855, the first Sheffield football club was founded.
  • In 1863, after long negotiations, rules were set by the Football Association of England, which can be considered as the date of birth of modern football

It is hard to check the history of soccer before these dates as a lot of nations had similar games with balls.

Symbol of soccer

The symbol of soccer is the ball. But not a lot of fans of this sport know that 80% of professional soccer balls are produced in Pakistan. There is the city of Sialkot, in its factories, are handmade the best leather balls in the world.

The biggest score

The largest score in history was recorded at the Madagascar Football Championship. AS Adema club defeated Stade Olympique l’Emyrne in a decisive match with a score of 149: 0. And all the goals were scored by the players in their own gates. The fact is that the players of one of the teams were offended by the unfair, in their opinion, referee’s decision, and in protest, they started to score the ball into their own net. Before the end of the match, they managed to score almost a hundred and a half, which made it a historical event.

Who could defeat Brazilians

One of the strongest soccer teams is in the Brazilian national team. It seems that it has won all possible rewards and defeated all her opponents. And only the Norwegian team was able to resist the Brazilians. Incredibly, this is the only team that has played with the Brazilian national team that has never lost to her. In total, four matches took place between these teams, of which two times the Norwegians won and twice reduced the match to a draw.

Interesting fan

Usually, during a soccer match, players are on the field, and spectators watch it from the stands. However, there are some crazy characters who do not like this order, and they also run out onto the field, often naked. Such people are called strikers, and the most famous of them is Mark Roberts. On his account, more than 300 appearances in various sport events being naked. We still do not know how this man manages to cheat everyone over and over again and still make his way to the field.