“It’s frustrating. We had not to force it. We were 1-0 up and the second goal could have come even in the last five minutes. You have to stay 1-0 up and after that, everything is open.

They are a team who defend well, we know that. They have one of the best defensive records in Europe, you could see tonight that’s no coincidence. But we had the chances. Once they were down to 10 men, it destroyed a bit the flow of the game and it was not to our advantage.

The only advantage of that result is we know exactly what we have to do over there. We have nothing to lose. We have to go there and really play to win the game. I must say our fans were fantastic. That’s what you want. Overall, yes we created the anti-climax by giving the goal away.

I was focused on doing absolutely everything to win the game. Before the game I was like everybody. We knew that out of the four teams left, we played the favourite. I was more focused on making sure we won the game tonight.

We started well, with good pace, good collective drive. The whole thing went wrong in the end but I had not much time to get a rest.”