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Orlando suffers stoppage time home loss – reactions

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MLS: Orlando City 0-1 DC United

Coach Heath reacts:

“It’s not very often you create as many chances as we have to not score a goal and get dogged again on a set piece. It’s not an easy night,” said head coach Adrian Heath. ” I feel for the players, the players have done everything they can to win a game of football. I thought they were terrific in a lot of aspects of play. But it’s the oldest saying in football; ‘Goals change games’ and we didn’t score when we had really good opportunities at really important times.”

“Nobody does more work on finishing in training than we do,” Heath added. “I would back Carlos to score that chance of his every time but, for some reason, they just didn’t go in tonight. But they will in future.

“It is most important now that we maintain our confidence and don’t allow ourselves and the supporters to get edgy. There were still a lot of positives tonight, we played a lot of good football and we have to move on. It is not the end of the world, even though it feels like it.”

“We did a lot of good things and have to focus on that,” he explained. “We are not assassins in the final third yet, and we got punished for not putting the game away. But if we keep at it the way we did tonight, things will fall our way.”

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