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Last year’s MVP is ready for another run as Toronto beat New York Red Bulls in opening game

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MLS 2016 week 1: New York Red Bulls 0-2 Toronto FC 

Sebastian Giovinco is the reigning MVP and today he showed that he is ready for another run at it. he scored a penalty and delivered an heist in the last moment of the match to secure the win. As coach Vanney states, the team sticked to the plan and came out with the victory. Here are below his comments:

“I can’t say I am surprised with the result. We had a plan and a mission when we came in. I believe when you go into a city like New York and a club like New York, winning is belief and confidence in what you are doing. A lot of times, you will come into the big cities and big clubs that have big reputations and maybe the group, at the sign of some difficulty, may fold a little bit.

“I thought our group didn’t. There were definitely times we had difficulty in terms of pressure and the game wasn’t in our favor, but our team didn’t fold. We stayed together. We stuck to the plan and intent. We did what we said we would do: Give ourselves a chance by defending well and get the chance to win the game, whether through transition or whatever the case may be. We have some real veterans across the backline and in midfield.

Coming to New York is something they have done many times in the past and to be able to get a result is telling of the grittiness of this group and a building block as we move onto these next games.”

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