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LA Galaxy brings back a good point from New England

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MLS: New England Revolution 2-2 LA Galaxy

Reactions after the game:


On getting a point on the road:

“Well it’s a good point on the road. This game tonight was hectic, crazy, out of control, not an easy game. I give our guys credit. Going down a goal in the early minutes and being able to get a point out of it against a good team, it’s a good result, a good week for us with two wins and a draw.”

On the recent stretch of road games:

“It’s been a difficult month for sure and I don’t think it’s getting any easier, so I think it’s been a good experience for us.”

On midfielder Ignacio Maganto scoring his first career goal:

Good young player, took his goal well, I think he’s pretty consistent for 90 minutes and I’m real pleased to see that.”

On the injuries his team suffered during the game:

These are difficult conditions for players to play in. We’ve gotten a lot on injuries on turf this year and I think if your body is not conditioned for it, it’s difficult and we’ve suffered a lot of injuries on the artificial fields.”

On defender Oscar Sorto battling back after a bad play:

“A very poor opening 15 minutes for Oscar (Sorto) and then I thought he played well in the second half. He wants to become a real player in this league, on our team. He’s got to start games, better have more confidence and that’s obviously partly due to not having enough experience, but he’s going to get his chances this year and he’s got to grow each and every game.”

On Gyasi Zardes’ goal:

Gyasi needed the goal. He worked real hard tonight, technically at times could’ve been a little better, but he was a bit of a handful for 90 minutes.”

On playing defensively to preserve the draw:

Well its 2-2, you know we got a point so. We’ve been in that situation a couple of time this year and fell short and so we got the point on the road, that’s important.”


On how badly he wanted to score his goal:

“Very bad. When you’re playing up top and when you have opportunities, you just want just execute those opportunities.”

On Jose Villarreal’s assist on the goal:

“Jose (Villarreal) is a phenomenal player. He’s so classy and cheeky. Just to play a through ball like that is nice.”

On his relationship with Jose Villarreal:

“We just get each other, we work for each other. If I see Jose working hard, that motivates me, like man, I want to be on the same page as him, so we try to be on the same page together, and are link of play, we just try to find each other.”

On struggling over the past few games:

“I just haven’t been scoring but as a team player, I think I have been productive. It’s nice to get a goal but at the same time, the ultimate goal is my team getting points and winning.”

On a difficult month filled with road games:

“It’s wonderful to end it with a point. Now that we are going to have more home games, it’s going to be great for us.”

On being called into the U.S. National Team:

“I feel blessed and thankful to getting called up to the National Team again. I’m just going to give my all when I’m there in camp so I just keep getting called in for the future.”


On the result:

“It was a 2-2 game. Came out really well, and then obviously we let them back in and I liked our fight. I thought our urgency was – should have been better in the second half and we created a lot of chances but I thought that the referee wasn’t letting us play the game. It really felt like there was a lot of delays in the game and unfortunately our tempo needs to be played quickly.”

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