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Coach NYRB Petke previews the second leg at New England

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2nd Leg MLS East Conference Finals: New England Revolution – New York Red Bulls (2-1)

Coach Mike Petke:

“I’ve felt surprisingly calm and at ease over the last week, which is strange for me because I’m usually not a calm and at-ease type of guy. “Perhaps it is that I can sit back immediately after the game, and get it out of my system. … For whatever reason, I’m able to put that aside out of my head, and I’m at ease.

“I really focused on things this week with the team and what we want to do. The team is in great spirits, they’re in a great mental [state]. The day after the game they were having a great time playing 5-v-2 and practicing, and it was on one side annoying at first for me to see that but on the other side it was phenomenal for me to see that. It showed the mental character that they have to just move on to the next game.”

Forward Tim Cahill:

“We always concede, we’ll concede tomorrow, but we’ve just got to win by two goals. With the mentality that we’re going to be going into the game, it is what it is. A few of us have played on big enough stages to know what it takes to win a game like this, and when it counts hopefully that will shine through tomorrow.”

Forward Thierry Henry:

“For the first time since the beginning of the season we know what we have to do and how many goals we need to score to be able to go through. … For the first time you know that you have to go to New England and win by two goals. That’s exactly what it is.

“There’s no X, Y, Z. It’s how it is. We know it’s going to be very, very, very tough, but anything is possible.”

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