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Rumoured Premiership sponsor deal

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Although Premier League clubs have a lot of different sources of income these days, sponsorship deals are still a central plank of this, and thus the rumour currently circulating that an unnamed club is set to announce a new upcoming shirt deal is no surprise. What makes the rumour particularly interesting is the company that the deal is said to be with – the gambling firm Jackpot City (JPC). If this turns out to be correct, it will mark the latest such deal between a gambling firm and Premiership team, and is likely to be a money-spinner for both parties.

After all, the world of gambling – where JPC is one of the top names – is hardly short of cash, as it is one of the few traditional areas of entertainment that has actually thrived in the modern era; thanks to the development of online and mobile gambling options. Of course, one of the other old-fashioned entertainments to succeed in the digital era is football, with the Premier League being the main reason, so online gambling companies sponsoring Premiership teams makes sense for all manner of reasons.

It could be a great deal for all concerned, as from the point of view of JPC, stats indicate that it would lead to more football supporters visiting their sites – where they would find online casino games tailored to their passion for the game, like the Shoot video slot game. This in turn could be great for fans who already enjoy activities such as sports betting, because it will widen their scope when it comes to recreational gaming.

Finally the club also stands to benefit, because any such deal will clearly not be for peanuts – and there is the potential for lucrative tie-ins between JPC and the club concerned that could prove a further source of revenue. With the amounts of money needed in order to stay competitive in the Premier League seemingly increasing every year, it could prove a real tonic.

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