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Soccer Betting: A History Of

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When it comes to blowing through a wage packet at the end of the month most of us tend to use it for nights out or to buy that new videogame everyone’s being going on about for months.

But for some, there are other areas to get a bit of wear out of those wages.

For those that know how to work the system, there’s soccer betting. An idea that adds incentives to further enjoy your football match, because who doesn’t enjoy the possibility of winning a little cash whilst watching a match.

Most would think that betting on soccer matches is a new method of burning away that expendable income.  But you would be surprised to know that this popular game began over 90 years ago with fans filling in coupons for local matches and the occasional big league blow out.

Within only a few months there were thousands of people all over the UK playing the game for various jackpot amounts.

Originally to wager your money you would have to either contact bookmakers, now there’s an emerging trend in betting on soccer matches, the usage of mobile bets.

With new technology, no longer do you have to be near a PC at home or within walking distance of a bookie. Instead you simply need a phone, suitable mobile internet connection and a handy app.

The mobility and simplicity of mobile gambling has come in leaps and bounds in the last few years with the inclusion of phones, tablets and other smart devices.

But it’s not just soccer that you can use on smart devices. There’s also countless gambling websites, bingo apps and casinos, all offering various deals from cash bonuses to no deposits require promotions. Find out more about no deposit mobile casino.

Soccer betting has become so successful that it’s no longer just a case of who will win or lose, fans can also bet on a range of options from the score at the end of the match or half-time, if there will be a sending off, a hat-trick, number of penalties or even who will score the most goals.

Soccer betting is now so popular that it’s considered one of the top grossing areas of income on the gambling market.

According to Darren Small, the Director of Integrity at Sportsradar:”The current estimations, which include both the illegal markets and the legal markets, suggest the sports match-betting industry is worthy anywhere between £435bn to £625bn a year.”

With recent statistics stating that 70% of that is coming from betting on soccer matches.

But the downside is that betting on soccer matches has gained so much success it’s seen by criminals as being a lucrative source of income.

On these recent financial figures Mr Small stated that five hundred of these recorded matches could potentially be fixed by criminal gangs.

These fixed matches are, according to him, bringing in millions of pounds of illegal money.

For something that started as small communities coming together to have a laugh and win a bit of money on a local match, soccer betting has bloomed into something incredibly vast. It now spans continents and countless places for people to play their cash on the pools.

With new technology making our lifestyles more streamlined, it will be interesting to see how soccer betting will evolve to keep up.


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