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Some attention-grabbing facts about Football game

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Football or soccer is a sports game which is simply recognized by kicking a ball with foot in order to score a goal. This game is played between two teams which consist of eleven players and with one spherical shaped ball. This game is played on a rectangular field with a goal at each end. The purpose of this game is to hit the ball in order to score a goal by utilizing any part of the body other than the arms or hands so as to get the football into the other team goal.  Football is world famous sport as it’s approximately played by 250 million players in about 200 countries.

Well it would be interesting to see this year’s football transfers in this year Barclay premier league or fantasy premier league. This league is guided as per the norms of FA premier league which was established in 1992. In this premier league 20 teams participate like Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Fulham, Man United, and Norwich etc.  As this premier league includes famous celebrity players like Michael Cox, John Brewin, David Usher and Mark Worall etc. Many players in this premier league will be transferred to other teams as per the upgraded policies. As per which no team can retain more than five players.  The interesting facts regarding these transfers are as follows:

  • A new contract will be rewarded to John Flanagan by team Liverpool so as to retain him.
  • Arsene Wenger takes charge of Arsenal.
  • Fernando Torres a Chelsea striker will be playing this year for Atletico Madrid.
  • Roberto Martinez who is manager of team Everton will renovate the contracts of James McCarthy and John Stones.

The winning criterion that has been set in this premier league is as the team that scores more goals will win, but if suppose the score level is tied at the end of the match then what will happen? In such situations the game is officially declared as draw or sometimes extra time or penalty shootout options come into play so as to decide the winner of match. One can constantly access the position of these several teams by seeing the points table.

The apex body of this game is FIFA which stands for Federation International Football Association. This is the core governing body of every football game whether it is played for world cup or for premier league. This year premier league will be exciting to watch and it would be great to see that which football player is transferred to which team. So hold down your hands and pray for some amazing transfers that increases the interest in game.


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