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Quotes of the week – Champions League tuesday Opener

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Back to the most significant reactions after Champions League 2013-14 Opener:

Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid

“To start off by scoring six goals gives us confidence. We started well, which was our job.  “It was a very good match on a group and on an individual level because I scored three goals to help the team win.

 Tata Martino: Barcelona

“It wasn’t a brilliant match but we put in a strong performance. Our second half was better than our first. We controlled the game better, we pressured and we defended well.”

Yaya Toure – Manchester City

“The last two or three years were disappointing but we have to improve, it’s important for us to prove to the fans who love Manchester City that this year is going to be our year.”

Mourinho: Chelsea

‘We lost three points that we must get somewhere else – at Basel, Schalke or Bucharest, or all of them or some of them.”

Moyes: Manchester United

“Things will get more difficult as we go along, but I thought Leverkusen were a decent side. We played well enough to limit their opportunities. ”

Rummenigge – Bayern Munich

“Today, they’ve picked up where they left off in London against Dortmund: with a top-class performance.”

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