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Coaches comment on the game, Courtois saves draw for Chelsea at PSG

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UEFA Champions League Round of 16 leg 1: PSG 1-1 Chelsea 

PSG: Cavani 54′ / Chelsea: Ivanovic 36′

That was a Champions League game with its intensity. Paris Saint Germain might regret the result overall judging by the numerous occasions on goals they had during the second half. But; Chelsea was very realistic.. they shot only once on goal and it created the goal opportunity for Ivanovic. Everything is at stake for the second leg but one sure thing, PSG will have to score to pass Chelsea which they were unable to do last year at the Quarterfinal stage…

Coach Chelsea, Mourinho on the draw:

‘I think the first half was our half. Paris gave us the ball and played defensively with a low block. They didn’t put pressure on us and we were comfortable with the ball.

‘The second half was different; they were losing and they put pressure on us. They were aggressive, they played very direct and it was their half. I think 1-1 reflects one half for Chelsea and one for Paris, but if you go on chances created and goalkeeper’s performances, we have to be honest and say if any team came closer to winning it was Paris.

‘The advantage is minimal. Obviously a two-legged game is now a one-legged game. Everything is decided at Stamford Bridge but 1-1 is 1-1, it’s not a 3-0 victory where the game is over.’

‘They are a fantastic team, you look at their attacking players, with Ibrahimovic, Cavani and Lavezzi, and when they want to make a change they can bring on Pastore.’

Coach PSG Blanc on the match: 

‘I have mixed feelings tonight. We prepared for this game quite well and anticipated things they might do. Everything happened almost as we had planned, which is satisfying. It was a pleasure watching this game. We played well, almost a perfect game. Except for one thing, we did exactly what we had planned.

It’s a bit frustrating. We have to admit this Chelsea side came here to score an away goal and got it. They scored thanks to a move involving only defenders when we were focused on players like Eden Hazard and William. All their players must be focused on equally.

We showed our qualities tonight. I’m proud of my players. Look at our last campaigns: we went out to Chelsea and Barcelona on away goals. It’s the reason why I elected to field David Luiz as a midfielder.

We’ll keep attacking in the return leg but we’ll do it smartly. One goal will be enough if we defend well’.

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