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Chelsea win, Mourinho reacts on Eto’o

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Chelsea 3-0 Schalke 

Mourinho speaks after the press on Eto’o and his brace.

On whether Samuel Eto’o is one of his favourite players…
‘My favourite players are the players that win matches for me, not the ones that lose matches for me, and Samuel worked with me in the best season of my career when we won everything [at Inter], so he is in a good position.

‘He was for two years at Anzhi playing without big motivation and you lose condition, sharpness and even appetite. It was not a surprise for me that he arrived here not in the best condition. Now step by step he is coming. He is 32 but he is a naturally fit, slim guy and goals give confidence. The second goal is a very good collective goal. Willian’s choice of pass was fantastic, Ramires’s run to give an extra option to Willian was fantastic and Samuel’s movement was brilliant.’

‘We started a bit nervous and made a lot of mistakes. We lost a lot of balls in dangerous positions and we allowed Schalke to counter-attack with some danger. They had two good situations but after that our team recovered the balance and we controlled the game.

‘We had comfortable possession, recovering the ball and playing in an aggressive way, attacking the spaces with two, three or four players. When we lost the ball we were aggressive the way we pressed and the way we defended.

‘Our three guys behind the striker – Schurrle, Oscar and Willian – were very strong when the team lost the ball, very strong recovering positions and when the team was winning the ball, they were very strong attacking spaces with good pace. We won in quite a comfortable way.

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