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Cesc gave the win for Barcelona – Martino post game

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Celtic 0-1 FC Barcelona (Fabregas 76′)

Martino post game:

“They were well aware of last year’s match and they tried to do the same thing. We had the possession and we circulated the ball quickly. The only thing we lacked was that we were unable to clearly break into their area,” said Martino. “Other options appeared after Cesc’s goal.” The FC Barcelona manager was also pleased with how his men varied their tactics during the game: “Any team with a defensive posture has problems when their opponents change tactics.”

“He played an impeccable match. He went up against their best player (Samaras) and he did a good job.” He also heaped praise on Neymar: “We didn’t need a game like this to know how good he is.” When asked about Brown’s red card, Martino said that he was too far away to judge the play.

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