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The Ajax Experience

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Sid Lee Architecture, in collaboration with Sid Lee and gsmprjct°, has been mandated by the AFC Ajax Football Club to create the new Ajax Experience, an experiential and immersive museum that brings us into the heart and mind of one of the most respected soccer clubs.

The Ajax Experience embodies the team’s attachment to the city of Amsterdam. Designed as an extension of the famous central square Rembrandtplein, the concept allows fans and visitors to better understand Ajax’s philosophy and its unique football culture.

Throughout its history, the team has developed the skills and means to spot emerging talent, shape true sports titans and thus, “Build Giants”. In this interactive experience, the giants themselves are honoured, with particular attention also being paid to the techniques, training and passion that have allowed Ajax to continually develop leading talent.

“The whole experience is focused on creating a celebration of a unique story of achievement. Visitors are invited to embark on this immersive journey through the team’s history and heroes, and experience what it takes to be a giant in a series of playful, interactive events and inspiring historical recollections”, says Jean Pelland, architect, senior partner.

The Ajax Experience is an emotional museum journey that celebrates a hallowed sports franchise and allows visitors to discover first-hand what has made Ajax one of the most respected teams in football.

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