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What is the main thing you think about just before taking a penalty? 
You just try to stay calm. I always know where I’m going to put the ball – I make my mind up the day before the game. I watch videos of the goalkeeper, have a chat with our goalkeeping coach and then decide. When you’re stood there you just try to avoid eye contact with the goalkeeper and wait for the referee’s whistle.

What’s been your best goal this season? 
I’d probably say my header against Man City in the Cup. It was a great cross from Antonio [Valencia] and, although I could see Nani coming towards the ball at the same time, my sole focus was on winning the header – and thankfully it went in.

Aside from football, if you could take part in an Olympic event what would it be, and why?
[Pauses] I’d have to say boxing. I’ve always been a big fan and would enjoy taking part.

What has been the best moment of your football career so far? 
Winning my first league title. It was a great feeling and, by far, my proudest in football.


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