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Real Madrid get victory in the last minutes

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Real Madrid 2-1 Betis Sevilla

It was a rough start to La Liga for Real Madrid but they finally found the decision in the last minutes of the game by new recruit Isco.

We did everything we could. I said to the players that the first match is never easy. We played well in pre-season and we are excited. We didn’t play well, but that’s normal. The most important thing is to win the match, and I think we deserved to win because we created many opportunities to score. Honestly, Betis played well. They are a good team”.

“We can improve, it’s normal. I think that any combination is good. We created lots of opportunities to score by combining well, especially on the wing. The problem was defence, on the whole. In the first half there was no balance, we didn’t play together and we had problems. In the second half we were better in this regard. In my opinion that was the problem in this match, the defence”.

“Yes, I’m sure there will be because if we want to play quality football we need quality footballers that also play defensively. They are generous players, especially Isco, who did everything in this game. He scored a fantastic goal. I think it is a normal problem to have at this stage. I think the key to this season is that, the balance that we have to find with quality players”.

It was a problem of balance. We didn’t defend well between the lines in midfield and defence, there was a lot of space between the lines. Betis played a well. Nine of the players that played tonight were with their national teams and we didn’t have much time to prepare for the match. Many have travelled and I noted that Betis were in better shape physically”.


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