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Leo Messi has no intention to leave Barcelona

January 12, 2015 by  
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Lionel Messi wanted to clarify the different transfer rumors he was the target and reassure his fans he will stay in Barcelona.

Here is his statement:

“I am tired of hearing things about me. They say that I run the club when I am just another player. I don’t make those decisions, nor have I asked to make them.”

“I haven’t asked for anything to stay here because I have never wanted to go anywhere else. I have also heard that I have spoken to Chelsea and [Manchester] City…but it’s all lies.”

“There have stories that I had bad relationships with Guardiola, Eto’o, Ibrahimovic and Bojan..that I have got rid of people. That is in no way true. I never asked for them to get rid of the coach or anyone else.”


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