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FC Barcelona: Luis Enrique blamed for leaving stars on the bench at San Sebastian

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Liga BBVA – Real Sociedad 1-0 FC Barcelona

Barcelona had the chance to regain the lead in la Liga after the defeated conceded by Real Madrid in Valencia but was outplayed by the Basques.

Barcelona coach Luis Enrique:

“I took the decision to avoid risks with players that made a long journey only a few days ago.

The best players can’t always play at their best level in every match. The biggest games for Barcelona are still to come and in that sense I think Luis Enrique made the right decision. I was hoping this would happen, that some of their most important players wouldn’t start, and we were prepared for that.

I thought it was better not to risk it and we will never know if things would have been different if I had made a different decision. I can only remember the goal and then us dominating. There weren’t that many chances, but I think we deserved more. We didn’t have the luck or the clarity we needed in front of goal.”

Real Sociedad coach David Moyes:

“It is the happiest night since I arrived in San Sebastian. We worked very hard. The players showed courage and defended incredibly. 

This team has shown it is capable in the big games against the best teams in the league and now we must show the same capability to win the other games. At home, for example, we have let a lot of points slip away.

We defended well tonight and that is what we have to do in all the games, but in other games when we don’t have to defend so much we also have to pass the ball and attack better.”

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