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Atletico Madrid extend winning streak to 8th, put pressure for title – Manager reacts

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Atletico Madrid 2-0 Elche 

Coach Diego Simone reacts:

We knew it was going to be an open and dangerous match because we faced a team that works tactically well. We couldn’t find gaps in the first half and by contrast, the took advantage of chances on the counter-attack, to create some danger. The attitude changed in the second half. The intensity increased and, from persistence, came the prize. Our perseverance delivered a fair victory”

“Matches are very long and it’s very complicated to keep up the same game rhythm. In the first half, we weren’t able to have the structure that we normally have regarding formation. The entrance of Adrián had our team be cut-off and that in their second balls they had more players in the midfield. In the second half, we returned to the 4-4-2 and kept together, and the closer we are, the more dangerous we become”


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